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I live with my family of four in the city of Brighton which lies near the city of Birmingham in Alabama. The city is named after a resort city by the same name in the English Channel as the original inhabitants here were mostly English. The city is economically well, and we fall in the middle-class economy here.

A few days back I got a call from my daughter’s gym teacher at school asking me to see her whenever possible as she wanted to discuss something regarding my daughter. My daughter is pretty good in sports so my mind immediately thought about some misbehavior on her part, which is not uncommon with teenagers. When she got back from school and I questioned her about this I got the usual shrug and “don’t know” that these kids often give. So I prepared myself for the mortification ahead and went to her school the next day. What came ahead although not totally surprising given her interest in sports, was a little shocking as she usually does not stick to anything for too long. Her gym teacher had called me to let me know that she was a pretty good gymnast and had a really good chance at some form of scholarship if we could get her a coach for the same.

Payday Loans Brighton Alabama
Payday Loans Brighton Alabama

All parents want to give the best to their kids so when I and my husband had discussed this with our daughter and realized that she was completely into this and really wanted to do well we made a decision. After making that decision was the big question about the coach, she had already done the homework for us and found two coaches. We talked to both and decided to go ahead with one of them. After finding a coach comes the really big question, where to get the money to pay the coach and other bills that come along with the coach for getting your child ready. We are a middle-income family that lives with moderate needs and keeps most of our cash invested in some fixed deposits. We broke all the fixed deposits and used up the spare cash we had and were able to get our daughter started.


After this, for running the household for the rest of the month I was a few hundred dollars short. Instead of asking someone for a loan I decided to return to an old friend not used for some time, the payday loan. These loans are a great financial instrument present in the market these days.

A payday loan is a simple loan borrowed from a payday lender, for a very small amount of money. In our state of Alabama, and hence our city of Brighton, the maximum amount you can borrow at a particular time is $500. You can return this loan within 10 to 31 days, or ask the lender to provide you with an installment repayment plan. If you pay on time will not feel as big as the number, because the amount you have borrowed is very less.


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