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In northern Alabama lies the second largest city of the state that is Huntsville. The city has a population above four lakhs as per a census that was taken a few years back. The economy of the city relies majorly on aerospace and military technology. It is the center for the rocket-propulsion research in NASA. The retail industry is also very popular with many shopping malls in the city. This city also offers many tourist attractions to many people across the world. Places like U.S Space and Rocket Center, Huntsville Botanical garden, Monte Sano State Park, and Monte Sano Mountain are some of the famous tourist locations.

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A few years back I met a woman who eventually became a great friend of mine on one of her visits to the city. She recently got engaged and threw an engagement party. Though the couple specifically asked all the guests not to bring any gifts, I wanted to gift her something special. She has been my friend for a very long time and has helped me through a lot many difficult times in life. I wanted her to have something on her special day as a memorandum of our time together. As genuine as my thought was there was the concern about my finances which are not as bad as they used to be a few years back but still not at the standard that I can buy a cherishable gift and not be thrown off my monthly budget. I remembered my same amazing friend had told me about online payday loans a few years back. Although at that time it did not seem like a good idea for me as I was hardly capable of paying back a loan. However, now I can say with confidence that in the least I have brought myself to the place that I can borrow and return.

So for all of you readers like me, who also need outside help sometimes either to survive the month or to surprise a friend I think the information on this great feature present in the market must be passed on.

Payday loans are instant cash loans, which means you apply for a certain sum which is not very high and you get that amount within a day or two of application. No major documentation, no background checks simply ask and receive. For those of you who may be thinking this is too good to be true, read further on. The reason these loans are instant and do not do any background checks is that they offer very less amount compared to the banks. The amount can be anywhere between $100 to $10,000 and the exact value depends on two factors. Firstly the state in which you are residing regulates an upper limit for these lenders to loan and secondly they will lend you only a certain percentage of your monthly salary to ensure you pay back the borrowed amount.

So how do these lenders earn from payday loans, well the interest they charge is pretty hefty. However, for small amounts of loan which are to be paid back in a week or two the customer does not feel the burden of this interest. The interest becomes a problem if you do not pay back on time and let it pile on. In short, these loans are best for sudden and important but small expenses that you can payback with your upcoming salary or in a couple of installments. If you take care of these small things you can like me buy that great friend of yours the present that she deserves.