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What we do

PaydayAL comes forward as financial aid to everyone who is in a stiff need of extra cash. We understand how difficult is to cope up when people have to settle for less than what they have requested as a credit. Sadly,  one in three Americans is facing this problem. With the lack of trustworthy options in almost every state of the US, we wish to provide a reliable hand in Alabama. We work according to the Alabama state rules and regulations in regards to the payday loans. Our motive is to be cost-effective assistance for payday loans for everyone.

We do not require people to provide as proof of a good credit score or any of their income fluctuations. We believe to concentrate on the current income source of the borrower to ensure their ability to return the loan amount time. The people of Alabama are gladly accepting our services because of our hassle-free online applications and quick loan disbursement options. PaydayAL asks for no hard credit checks or valuables as collateral like conventional loans. Our assistance is ideal for anyone in debt and we can provide our best help to get them out of this vicious cycle of debt.

Safe & Secure

PaydayAL works under the rules and regulations of the state of Alabama in the US. We are an authorized lending company in Alabama that gives our clients an extra layer of assurance. Getting a loan from us is quite simple as well as fully secured.

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Fast Lender-Approval

Our team is quite prompt in providing approvals in case of genuine profiles. We know how eagerly borrowers need a loan when it comes to an emergency. Thus, we do not cause any kind of delay in such matters, and provide help usually within 24 hours.

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Submit Online

PaydayAL understands borrowers and their immense efforts to get a loan sanctioned by traditional banks. So, unlike them, we assist them from the comfort of their home and everything is online. To apply for a payday loan with us, they need to just fill an online application form and submit their documents. Voila! Their loan will be approved sometime after that.

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About usCash Advance Alabama Payday loans Online Same Day

Alabama is  known by various  nick names call it yellow hammer state or cotton state or even heart of Dixie! Yes it is heart as it throbs with the culture and history of the place. With the population of 4  million people it stands at 23 number in U.S population list,  in its lap plays  rivers, caves, valleys and hills.The outstretched shoreline, the mountainous treks invite the people for myriad of fun activities.It shares its border with states of Tennessee, Mississippi, Georgia and Florida. It has the privilege of pioneering the change which changed the history of mankind   by raising voice against slavery. Dr.Martin  Luther made his first speech here.

Payday Loans Online Alabama

It is famous for its landscape and its treasure of natural resources which help in making iron and steel. Its college football teams and barbecues have managed to occupy space in the thoughts of people. People here have laid back attitude, they hate chaos, clamor and love to enjoy life. For their livelihood besides agriculture and animal production, the state has invested in various   sectors like healthcare, education, banking  , aerospace  and heavy industry. There is still unemployment because there is gap between what students learn in term of skills does not match with what is required by the industry.

It is the 6th poorest state of the nation and poverty rate touches 40% in some of the counties. These problems make the life tough.The people are not able to make both ends meet. Many of them just live from one payday  check to another. Such people do not have money to meet extra expenditure. There are times in life when one requires that extra money a few dollars to meet financial crisis. To scoop you up from such situation, payday loan is there.


Prerequisite Payday Loans Online Alabama
  • You just need to be an American citizen of minimum 18 years with regular income of at least $1,000. Along with that you must have a bank account.
From where to avail Payday Loans?
  • It is available both on the brick mortar store and on the digital platform.
  • You just need to fill in the loans near me form, your personal and professional information. A paystub can be asked for as a proof of your income. One requires to give a post -dated check with amount filled in it. The due amount comes out to be the sum of principal amount, plus the interest, plus the fee Once all this is submitted you can walk confidently out of the store with the assurance of money to fall in your account.
What makes Payday loan in Alabama popular?
  • The fame depends on its characteristics. Speed- It is the on the spirit of speed that it works. Online Payday Loans lenders are aware that people take this loan to meet the emergency situation so without wasting time, financial help is rendered. Round the clock availability- the online lenders provide this facility. In case you want loan in the middle of the night, believe me it is available. Suppose you along with your friends went for outing and they insist to move on to some other place but you have run out of your finances, so you pick up your phone, choose a lender , fill information and submit. After verification, the lender reverts and asks you to share your payday account number so that the money is transferred into your account. Can anything be easier than this? Your dilemma is solved and smile is restored to its place. No Collateral required – You need not arrange for collateral as it is done for personal loans. It is also called unsecure loan. Your pay acts as a collateral . No credit history required – You may have bad credit history but again you have run into a problem and you require money. Payday loan is the solution to it.

Payday Loans in Alabama Online

  • Legal Status : Allowed
  • Maximum loan of amount permitted -$500.
  • Minimum loan term-10 days
  • Maximum loan term -31 days
  • Finance charge – 71.5% of the amount advanced.
Payday loan always helps you to scoop up from the difficult situation and brings back smile .
Payday Loans Online
  • In the counties, Shelby and Chilton of the state of Alabama is the city that holds the airport to Shelby, the city of Calera. With a population above ten thousand, it can be considered as one of the bigger cities of the state. The cities name comes from the Spanish word for “Quarry” because of the huge limestone deposits present here. Today we will explore a financial asset available for the citizens here, the payday loan.
  • Payday loans are a great way to get some urgently needed quick money. In our state and hence in every city of Alabama, these loans are legal. When we say that these are legal, it means that there are some lenders who are licensed to operate in payday loans. While borrowing customers must make sure that you select such a lender for your needs. The reason behind this is that the borrower and the lender both will be protected by state laws by keeping the terms of the agreement in accordance with the rules and regulations.
So what do the laws of Alabama state say about Alabama payday loans?
  • First of all these loans are regulated by the State Banking Department. There are various rules regarding different areas of the loan like:
  • Maximum borrowable amount: The rules say a customer can only borrow $500 at any given time. This amount can be as one loan or the sum of multiple loans. Along with this only one rollover is allowed to a customer.
  • Term: Loan term can be between 10 to 31 days, however, the lender must give a repayment plan of four equal monthly installments.
  • Apart from these main terms, there are some rules related to additional charges that a lender may apply on the agreement, and type of actions the lender may or may not take against the consumer if they fail to pay back.
What are the alternatives to payday loans?
  • Although a great way to find money, you can consider other options before going for this loan. Some easily available options are:
  • Borrow from friends or family: The easiest option no doubt, however, may come along with a lot of questions and answers about your sudden need for money.
  • Take a salary loan: Another easy option when available, however, very few employers give this benefit to their employees.
  • Bank Loan: This option is really not suitable for small amounts needed instantly, as they have a long waiting time before processing is complete.
  • I am sure there will be many other options available, however, many of them may not be as simple and quick as the online payday loans. To avail this great benefit all you have to do is get online and apply through the website of one of the famous payday lenders in the state. After application, the approval is instant or may take a few hours and after approval, the money will be dispatched immediately and will be in your account in one business day. It is really that simple. To find out the correct type of lenders you may compare multiple lenders online and see what kind of terms they are offering you for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions About Payday Loans Alabama

PaydayAL has been a trusted affiliate agency that lets the consumers connect with a vast network of near about 300 direct lenders. We work with the lenders who are eager to provide no hard credit check payday loans to consumers. Our online application procedure provides hassle free fast cash solutions with guaranteed approval and without physical visit to the store.
Yes, it is very easy to get your loan application approved at Payday AL even with bad or poor credit. All you need is to have a regular income flow of at least $1000 per month to witness your repayment capability.
To be very honest, you cannot get a loan without an active bank account. Payday lenders only operated through bank accounts as they deposit requested loan amount directly into borrower’s account instead of giving cheque or cash in hand. So, active checking account is mandatory to get your loan application approved.
Just get no hard credit check loan at Payday AL as the lenders in our network only conduct soft credit check. They only check the proofs of employment, checking account and US citizenship. About what they need to be sure is your capability to repay loan amount along with calculated interest rate on due date.

Every state has different laws for payday lending business. There is currently a limit on borrowing more than one short term loan in Ohio. Stay tuned with the state website for the latest rules because they can change at any time.

Generally, it take 24 business hours to process the loan request and transfer payday loan amount to consumer’ bank account. However, if the application is submitted in the morning then the loan amount is transferred on the same day. Also, there could be a delay if the loan is requested on weekends and holidays.

Some famous payday loans in Montgomery, AL lenders that operate through the country are:
  • CashNet USA.
  • Speedy Cash
  • Advance America
Alabama’s Economy
  • Population: 4,874,768
  • State Capital: Montgomery
  • Number of Towns: 196
  • Number of Cities: 73
  • Largest City: Birmingham has 212,487 residents
  • Gross Domestic Product Per Capita (GDP): $39,954
  • Annual Median Income: $47,657
  • State Tax Rate: 4%
  • Average Family Size: 2.72 people
  • Median Home Price: $127,900
  • Unemployment Rate: 3.8%
  • State Attractions: Gulf State Park, U.S Space and Rocket Center, Cheaha State Park, Oak Mountain State Park
Are Bad Credit Payday Loans Legit ?
  • Financial assistance comes in various forms these days and every form has its own prerequisites to approve applicant’s request. One such requirement is to have strong credit score to be eligible, however, what if you do not have good credit ? Do not worry then! Online payday loans with no credit check are there to provide your required financial assistance.
  • It is very necessary to understand that there is no such service exists like no credit check loans. A credit check is always there; the thing it is hard card in case of traditional bank loans and in case of small cash advance loans, a soft credit check is conducted which does not cause any harm to your current credit rating.
  • The small cash advance loans are also known as bad credit loans because they are offered to consumers even those who have bad credit. So, these are just regular payday loans and they are legit in the following US States:
  • Alabama(AL) Alaska(AK) California(CA) Colorado(CO) Delaware(DE) Florida(FL) Hawaii(HI) Idaho(ID) Illinois(IL) Indiana(IN) Iowa(IA) Kansas(KN) Kentucky(KT) Louisiana(LA) Michigan(MI) Mississippi(MS) Missouri(MO) Montana(MT) Nebraska(NE) Nevada(NV) New Hampshire(NH) New Mexico(NM) North Dakota(ND) Ohio(OH) Oklahoma(OK) Oregon(OR) Rhode Island(IR) South Carolina(SC) South Dakota(SD) Tennessee(TN) Texas(TX) Utah(UT) Virginia(VA) Washington(WA) Wisconsin(WI) Wyoming(WY)
  • By incorporating bad credit payday loans with guaranteed approval into the financial picture, students can easily cover college expenses I’m shortest time frame with clearly defined lending terms. They come in both forms of secured or unsecured loans. Secured loans are the loans offered by an online lender to a borrower with some form of loan security held as collateral such as a car, a house or any other monetary asset. On the contrary, unsecured online loans do not demand any kind of collateral from the borrower and they are very risky for the lender specially.

How Can I Find Payday Loans Alabama Near Me ?

There are numerous payday lender operating in the above mentioned state. So, find a reliable payday lender near your is not a hectic task anymore. All you need to do is to educate yourself with payday lending laws regulated in all the legit US states. Then just ask Google to show you the list of existing payday loan services near your locality. The business of the lenders who operate physically through their stores will immediately start showing in the Google maps. Going their reviews and ratings and as per your ease you can select the lender and visit them to apply for a loan. An advantage of visiting a store personally is that you can receive the requested loan amount then and there only if you all goes well.

Another option is payday loans online. Google search results will also show you the list of direct lenders and affiliate platforms offering online short term loans. In this case you do not require to move out of your comfort zone provided you have a smart gadget with internet connectivity on it. All these web platforms have an online application form available on their websites and the borrower is just required to fill them with basic personal and professional details. If the applicant fulfills basic eligibility criteria, the loan application is approved instantly and the requested cash is transferred into borrower’s account with 24 business hours.

Both in case of physical store as well as payday loans online, the consumer must check if the lender abides to the state regulations to execute legal lending procedures. If you still have any doubt you can contact with CFPB(consumer financial protection bureau) to check the lenders’ status. This through research is mandatory for everyone to save oneself from predatory lenders.

Undoubtedly, cash advance loans like payday loans are the most convenient financial aid in today’s date but always bear this in mind that not meeting their repayment may cost a fortune to someone. Alongside, it is also advisable to rely on these options only to fill short term financial gaps.

Why Choose us

PaydayAL provides the most risk-free and helpful loan without any false claims. We ensure borrowers would never regret opting for our alternative loan instead of their regular bank loans. Our payday loan facilitation ideal for every borrower without any discrimination. Our team makes things quite convenient for borrowers by asking for the least documents and causing no harm to their credit ratings. We try to stick with “Absolutely no effect on your FICO credit score”. Our requirement is simple- age ought to be more than 18 years with a regular income source and proof of US nationality. If any borrower fulfills these criteria of selection, we are more than willing to give provide financial help till the next payday.

We believe in complete transparency so everything is mentioned in the contract or agreement loan. Apart from it, we do not have any hidden or upfront costs (we prefer to discuss if there is any). PaydayAL love credible and responsible borrowers, who pay interest on time. We further reward them with more loans at a lower rate of interest. It is more of like climbing a ladder of trust with us. With us, your information is private and is not shared with anyone as we take integrity very seriously. To know more reach our experts.


Our service is fast. We may be able to connect you with a lender or lending partner to offer you a loan as soon as the next business day. The next step is to complete the request form so we can speedily connect you with a lender or lending partner that is ready to work with you.

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A number of websites claim to offer some sort of quick service to connect you with lenders or lending partners, but be careful! Some websites are actually designed to infect your computer with viruses and malware that steals sensitive information like your bank account number.

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Avoid long lines and having to get out of the house to connect with a lender or lending partner.You can fill out our online form from the convenience of your home. We partner with many lenders or lending partners, therefore, getting connected with one of them is convenient

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